Meeting Standards


Osteopathy is unregulated in Canada. This means that there is no government involvement at the provincial, territorial, or national level with regard to education or professional registration, however there are international standards of education set forth by the World Health Organization. Not all osteopathic education is equal as some programs do not meet these international standards. Graduates of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, such as Kathleen, meet these international standards.


When choosing an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, it is imperative to be knowledgeable of the practitioner’s educational background which should be a minimum of 4 years along with clinical experience. Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (OMPs) are graduates of a minimum 4 year intensive study and are educated and trained to work exclusively without the use of drugs or surgery by using manual methods to assess and treat. This education includes 4 years of curriculum, over 1000 cumulative hours of practical and clinical experience, yearly written and oral-practical exams, and a thesis component.


Osteopathic treatment provided by Kathleen is eligible for reimbursement through nearly all extended health care providers. Check to see whether your policy includes osteopathy, often grouped with other manual therapies such as chiropractic, massage therapy, or physiotherapy, to see if you are eligible for insurance coverage. Please note that Aktiv Osteopathy Ottawa does not direct bill insurance companies. You will be provided with a receipt to submit to your insurance provider.