Most of us go directly to milk or dairy of some kind. And that’s because milk has calcium.

But there’s actually way more to the story to excellent bone health.

In order for our bones to get the nutrients it needs, there are a few factors involved that work together.

Calcium Citrate

Vitamin D3


Vitamin K2

Calcium Citrate is the building block of bone tissue. However, Vitamin D3 helps with the absorption of calcium into the bloodstream, but vitamin D3 needs magnesium, which converts vitamin D into its active form to help with calcium absorption. Once calcium is absorbed, vitamin K2 is required to direct calcium to our bones and teeth.

Eating a diet with lots of colour, organic antibiotic-free protein, green leafy vegetables and spending time in the sun every day will ensure you’re getting all the essential nutrients your body requires.

One last note: When exercising, be sure to include strength training in your routine as it not only slows bone loss but builds bone as well!

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