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Kathleen changed my life. I struggled with some pretty solid neck pain for years following a car accident. I had tried chiro and physio for quite some time and nothing seemed to help. I saw Kathleen for Osteopathy, and between her treatment and her recommendations to strengthen certain muscles, I finally have zero pain.  All the tension in my neck muscles (they literally felt like hard mini golf balls!) is just not there anymore. I sent my husband to her as well because he was struggling with shooting knife-life pains in his elbows. After the 1st treatment, it was significantly better. After the 3, it was completely done. My husband “doesn’t believe in” chiros, physios, etc. but he is a firm believer and even ADVOCATE for Kathleen, which says a lot.  We see her regular maintenance now just to keep in good shape because our bodies are always shifting and moving no matter what we do.  Thanks Kathleen, you are a magician!

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